Testimonals from Supporters of Sunset

Below are testimonials from supporters of Sunset as they share why they enjoy giving and why they feel Sunset is a worthy cause.

Why I give:

“We hope that this (gift) will help those who cannot afford it to be able to stay in your great facility.”

“Because God has laid it upon my heart to help those in need. I am not rich by any means, but I can still help.”

“The Brookcrest staff did a wonderful job with Jeanette. They were her family while she was there and she really enjoyed the people who worked with her. Thanks for the labor of love that your staff provides.”

“Our family felt the love and care you shoed to Mom daily. We remarked often about the feeling each one of us had when we came to visit…our mom was important to you!”

Why to give:

  • Because there is a need
  • Show gratitude for care given
  • Honor a loved one
  • Help residents in need
  • Experience JOY